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Patient Insurance Letter - Delta Dental

To our Delta Dental patients:

Thank you so much for your calls this week of inquiry to the letter you received regarding our discontinuation of in-network participation. We've put together a few FAQs that may help to better understand our decision. Please do not hesitate to reach out with any additional questions you may have!


Why did you make this change?


After being in network with Delta Dental for more than 15 years, without any change to our reimbursement we reached out to Delta. Unfortunately, your insurance company, Delta Dental was not willing to pay benefits at a level where we can continue to provide the care you are used to receiving from us.

By changing our relationship with your insurance company, we can still utilize your benefits but without the restrictions we currently face as a provider. This allows you to still use the benefits you pay for while allowing us to provide patient care in a way that we feel good about.


What are out of network benefits, how do I know if I have them?

We encourage you to work with your employer/benefits provider as well as Delta Dental regarding your particular out of network benefits coverage.


Will I pay for services? 

Yes – you will pay our office fees and we will submit a claim for you [on your behalf].  You will receive reimbursement from Delta Dental directly for the amount that Delta Dental allows should you have out of network benefits.  We think you will recognize that the cost may be small, but the quality from our office is great.